Overall, I feel so much better.  Definitely my feet feel so much better.. so much better! They almost feel normal again!

"I had numbness and tingling... but just about all of those symptoms have disappeared. "

"... the numbness has declined... My balance is much better and my quality of life has improved tremendously."

"I can feel so much more.  My balance is improving.  I have a significant improvement in my overall body..."

"The burning sensations and... stabs of pain that I was having... completely gone!"

"It feels like (these) are the only people who have ever understood what neuropathy really is..."

Dave P. 

"The burning and tingling just isn't there anymore.  Neuropathy? I'm 100%, no neuropathy."

Wendy S. 

"I'm about 90% better from the pain that I was having."

Velvet F.