neuropathy severity assessment

Find out if your neuropathy can be helped - absolutely free!

Step #1 - A little bit of info...

  • Complete personal neuropathy questionnaire. When we receive it, we'll review your answers, follow up with any questions and schedule your Free Neuropathy Severity Assessment.

Step #2 - neuropathy Severity Assessment

  • First things first - are you even a good candidate for the 90 day neuropathy reset program?
  • Just how severe has your neuropathy gotten at this point and can it be reversed?   Find out what’s working in your favor.
  • Learn about what’s working against you; the challenges you'll have to overcome and how to do it in order to get the best results.
  • IF we can help, we’ll prepare your customized 90 Day Neuropathy Reset program and explain what therapies you'll be using, how often we'll meet, what percentage of improvement you may expect, and more!
  • No Cost. No Pressure. No Obligation. We're Just Here To Help.

Step #3 - We Begin! Your success story is next!

  • Less Numbness, Tingling, Burning, and Pain
  • Increased Confidence / Peace of Mind
  • Greater Overall Health
  • Better Sleep
  • More Feeling in Your Feet / Improved Balance
  • Freedom From Neuropathy !

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