Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Charles D

"When I first found this treatment, I had doubts about my improvement for my neuropathy. I had been to many other doctors who advertised that they could help. None of them helped at all. When I saw Dr. Irven’s advertisement, I decided to try again. Thank God that I did because she has really helped me! I am even going on a six week vacation that I would never have considered before beginning treatment."*

– Charles D.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Chuck J

"I have experienced severe pain in my feet for years; burning, needles, and numbness. I was told by a doctor that there probably was not much that could be done for it. Much to my surprise, I was very impressed with how they approached my situation. I was told that I could see a 70-80% improvement. I can tell you that they delivered. I have no pain in my body and no burning in my feet. Make no mistake, they are the real deal."*

– Chuck J.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Maggie J

"I had been to 5 doctors/clinics with no relief to the symptoms of burning, tingling and stiffness to my bilateral feet. The symptoms had been present for 2 years, making it difficult to walk, be active and play tennis. After one month I am no longer feeling the burning and tingling and stiffness in my feet. I believe that the treatments I have been receiving have been very beneficial to my health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Smith, I know that I was leery at first, but you have made a difference!"*

– Maggie J.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Charlie H

"I received an invitation to attend a seminar. Dr. Smith and Dr. Irven were talking about helping people who had problems and were hurting in the legs and feet. I had some of those problems with pain in my lower back, numbness in toes and hurting knees. Dr. Irven explained to me what was wrong and told me how long it would take to remedy my problems.

I got the recommended treatments and now that I am finished with care, I feel great! No more pains!

I want to thank the doctors and staff for doing such a great job taking care of me. God Bless all of you."

– Charlie H.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials

"The prognosis for my foot neuropathy was not hopeful from the view of numerous health professionals that examined me over the last few years. Additionally, I had lower back pain and poor leg circulation. All of this might have related to war injuries from 50 years ago. They custom fit me with a therapy program that has significantly turned my conditions around to the point that I am no longer inhibited from getting out, hiking, capturing wild life photography and scenic paintings. Thank you!"

- John D.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Mary J

"Four different doctors tried and failed to help with my feet and toes that were both numb to the touch, yet extremely painful in my shoes. I couldn’t walk for any extended period of time. The pain was not only in my feet, but also in my lower back.

Slowly, but surely, my symptoms subsided and now I can walk, shop and garden without pain. The treatments that they provided were very effective and the friendly and caring support was very encouraging and thoughtful."

- Mary Jean C.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Gina K

"I came to Dr. Smith suffering in many areas. I walked with a limp, experiencing much pain and had no balance at all. With the help of the doctors, I felt like I received a “jump start” back into enjoying life!

I now can walk, enjoy doing daily tasks I had been unable to do for a long time. The neuropathy in my feet was excruciating. Dr. Smith was able to help so much and with therapy woke up my feet! If you commit to doing the suggested program and homework, you’ll be the next success!"

– Gina K.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Laura Y

"I had pain, burning, and numbness in my feet and legs, pain in my thigh, and a “pinched” feeling in my lower back. Half way through my treatment I am completely symptom free! I ran my half marathon with no pain and numbness, and I continue to be free of all of my symptoms. I followed the treatment plan faithfully and that was easy because the staff makes you want to succeed.

The biggest thing Dr. Irven taught me is that I am worth taking care of. I am forever grateful that Dr. Irven taught me to love myself enough to properly take care of my body’s needs and that age is not the reason for my pain. She has changed my life, and I am full of gratitude and joy."

– Laura Y.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Chuck H

"Some time ago I noticed a tingling in my feet which became increasingly uncomfortable. I did not want surgery for several reasons, so I decided to seek help if that was possible. To make a long story short, I began therapy about 2 months ago and have been pleased with the help and improvement I have received. The treatments have relieved the discomfort at least 50% for which I am grateful. The doctor and staff are dedicated, helpful, and efficient, as well as friendly and I would encourage anyone with a similar need to check it out."*

– Chuck H.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Marge W

"I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Smith. My fingers and toes are not numb anymore! I also now have more mobility in my entire body. I am so pleased with my progress and so glad I found him!"*

– Marge W.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Gene L

"For over four years, I had suffered with totally numb feet, lower back pains and “icy cold” fingers and numbness like I had frost bite. I could not dress myself and used a walker and cane to walk. I was hopelessly home-bound. I had sought multiple other treatments for my ailments and I had about ran out of choices. I continued grow worse every day. Then I turned to the Lord. I prayed hard and with deep faith, for Him to give me a sign that I could find relief.

Several days later I found Dr. Irven and she said she could help me - has she ever! Now my neck pain has disappeared, my feet regained warmth and feeling, and I can walk and dress myself without assistance. Thank you, Dr. Irven for giving me the future I only dreamed about at 86 years old! I believe she is an angel."*

– Gene L.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Eileen S

"There is HOPE for those of us suffering from neuropathy. After 5 weeks of treatments for the burning sensations in my feet and hands, these problems are no longer there. Thanks to my treatments, I no longer have to live with neuropathy pain."*

- Eileen S.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Clarence B

"When I first found this treatment, I was very skeptical. I had been to many chiropractors for over a period of 3 or more years with the same symptoms. I suffered from leg pain and foot pain, along with tingling in the bottom of both of my feet. I visited a number of doctors over the years who prescribed me pharmaceutical drugs that did not work. After my first visit with Dr. Smith and with my first treatment, I started to feel some relief. I now have hardly any pain in my legs and the tingling in my feet is mostly gone. Thank you Dr. Smith, you have helped so much."*

– Clarence B.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Regina S

"When I first found Dr. Irven two months ago I was in such pain that I was depressed. I had gotten to the point where I was praying to the Dear Lord to take me with him. I can now handle the treatments and am more relaxed. I have improved in other aspects of my health. My blood pressure has lowered 32 points and my numbness and tingling in my legs has improved. I have improved 75% since my first visit! The doctor has given me a new outlook on life. By the way, I was 84 years old when I started treatment and now I am 84 years young! Thank you!"*

– Regina S.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Jay M

"When I saw your ad in the paper that you could help with neuropathy, I thought I’d give it a try as my right foot had really been having the same type of symptoms described in your ad. After just several treatments, the pain in my foot ceased and has not bothered me since! Dr. Smith is very capable and I have been completely satisfied with his treatments. It worked! Thank you."*

– Jay M.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Steve T

"I had severe numbness and tingling in my arm, and an injured shoulder. After talking to Dr. Irven and hearing how she was going to treat me, I decided to give it a try. After one month of treatment, I no longer have numbness and tingling, and I am sleeping better that I have in a very long time. I am so glad that I worked with Dr. Irven. I would recommend doc and her staff to anybody, they truly care about you. Two thumbs up!"*

– Steve T.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Kathy S

"I had neuropathy in both my hands and feet and I had been experiencing low back pain off and on since 1995. I felt like the pain was traveling from joint to joint, and I had very little pain relief – if one joint didn’t ache the other one did. Since completing the treatment plan and doing the home exercises, I have much less arthritis pain and neuropathy in my feet is almost gone. I am more active and able to accomplish more every day. I have almost forgotten the pain I had when I first came in – but I know I do not want to experience that amount of pain again. – for this I am truly grateful."*

– Kathy S.

Remote Neuropathy Treatment Testimonials - Pat W

"For at least 25 years, I had been troubled by increasingly intense burning feet, to the point that it was interrupting my sleep. Doctors had ruled out diabetes, but could not suggest any other cause or possible cure. Then I heard about Dr. Smith on the radio. Their website sounded too good to be true. They offered a frank evaluation of my problems. I was at wits end and had to give it a try.

X-rays showed that my pelvis was out of alignment, which was probably pinching the nerves to my feet. They have a combination of treatments to relieve some of the compressed spine and to stimulate nerve regeneration. After about 3 months of treatment, I am now able to sleep peacefully through the night on most nights. My feet can still get hot at times, but less intense and not nearly as often as before. This was my last hope for relief, and I am very pleased with my results!"

– Pat W.

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